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My name is Janet Booysen and I am the founder of l'esprit

My journey began a while back, but I just did not realize it at the time.  After 20 odd years of corporate life in Marketing and Sales, I was given an amazing opportunity – Time! 

This time was delivered to me through a retrenchment package. I saw this as a gift, one that allowed me to stop for a bit, to unwind, spend time with my family and it also gave me time to search for new employment.  I was so focused and set on doing what I knew that I spent too much of this valuable gift trying to get back on that fast-paced corporate wheel. However, as the days and months rolled on, I knew in my heart that, that is not what I wanted to do.  Then one day out of the blue I decided to take the big plunge and removed myself from the various employment sites and started to focus on my future, the future I wanted. ​

This was a daunting step, but fortunately I was blessed with an amazing support system and the gift of time.  This allowed me to focus my energies and concentrate on the creation and birth of l’esprit de l’esprit – The spirit of the mind.

​Although I was (and still very much am) in the process of establishing myself as a newly qualified Life coach and NLP practitioner… I did not want to stop there, because something was still missing. 

​During my “me time” morning runs along the streets of Krugersdorp North, I was truly amazed as to the number of women doing it for themselves and running their own business, large and small.  This inspirational energy made me what to recognize them, applaud them and give them a platform that would do just that – So with this motivation WOW – Woman of the Westrand came into mind.

​WOW, t/a l’esprit de l’esprit is the heart of l'esprit.  This platform will allow her WOW champions, the opportunity to give back to the community through the proceeds raised from social networking events.  These events will offer an amazing platform for the WOW champions to relax, connect, support and interact with each other.

​My journey has only just begun and so far, it has been truly amazing.

I have received fantastic support, invaluable training and education from The school of Life.  And have been blessed with the ability and experience of positively affecting, influencing and making impactful, meaningful changes in lives.

​I hope you will join me on this exciting and wonderful journey, as we grow and positively transform those lives around us, while celebrate strengths and recognizing personal achievements.

Take care

Janet Lee


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