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Welcome to l’esprit de l’esprit!

Janet Booysen is the founder of l'esprit de l'esprit​ (The Spirit of the Mind) and WOW (Woman of the Westrand).

Janet is an Internationally certified Life coach, NLP Practitioner, Professional Facilitator and Trainer, with over 25 years’ experience in Marketing and Sales within the corporate environment. 


Through her non-profit platform WOW, she has entertained entrepreneurial business women with inspiring events, motivational talks and supported charitable organizations within the Westrand area.


L’esprit Training Centre and Coaching Facility provides:

  • Professional soft skills training for individuals and corporate groups

  • Personal development coaching sessions

  • Vision Board workshops 

  • Freelance training and facilitation


She is a certified member of ICR (International Coaching Registrar), is a recognised SETA Assessor and Moderator, holds an ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) Aesthetician Diploma, as well as an

IMM Diploma in Marketing.


Janet received the 2018/2019 Bronze Lady Rocci Community Service Champion award at the Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industry “Business of the Year” event.


Develop your personal skills or those of your team with these interactive 7-key soft skills workshops:


  • Body Language

  • Self-Leadership

  • Self-Confidence and Assertiveness

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Leadership and Influence

  • Presentation Skills


Or visit the L’esprit Training Centre for more on-line Soft Skills courses. ​



L'esprit Training Centre and Coaching Facility

Changing lives


Offering Soft Skills training for personal development and professional growth, from self-paced Online courses to One-day workshops, for Individuals and Corporate's.


Personal Life Coach, focusing on clients growth, development and discovery in order to reach personal goals. 

Facilitating Vision board workshops, for individuals and Corporate team building events.

Trainer and facilitator with experience in Beauty, Sales, Marketing, Management, Life Coaching and NLP.

Woman of the Westrand

The heart of l'esprit.

Providing a platform for entrepreneurial business women on the Westrand to connect, network and support each other.


Organizing social events to raise awareness and funds for various local charitable organizations.